Google Snake Mod Menu Github Guide 2023

If you have been looking for all the information about Google Snake Mod Menu, this article is what you need to read.

This is one of those Google games which has a special access.

If you think this Access is a particular password or a gift card, you will be happy to know that you are absolutely wrong.

All it requires for you to carry out a process which is as simple as a Quick Search.

More information about the game and facts that you need to know before starting off with the game is given in the article below.

After having read this article, you would not feel the need to read another because all the information that one needs to know is particularly mentioned.

Google Snake Mod Menu – Step by Step Guide 2023 is obviously mentioned that you can use for having more fun in the game.

If you are a novice to the game, you must know that this is one of those classic games that we grew up on available in Nokia phones.

Keeping the classic gameplay style alive, this also gives you the feeling of new and almost startles you, especially the Mod version of the game.

The reason why this happens is the fact that new maps and new themes are in plenty in the Mod menu.

Knowing about how to get access to the Mod menu will definitely make the game more fun and that is the purpose of this article anyway.

I am a blogger and a YouTuber who enjoys playing games.

The information mentioned in this article will not be false because I carry this tendency of trying out the information mentioned in any article first-hand, so that I have an idea about the authenticity of any information.

The whole point of saying this was that you can trust the article on giving you the proper Google Snake Mod Menu – Step by Step Guide 2023.

What is Google Snake Mods?

There are different kinds of mods available for this game.

Before we get into the mods it is really important for you to know how the game works. That way you can figure out the purpose of any Mod in a much easier way.

The first thing that you need to know about this game is that it is one of the hidden Google games that you can play with an Internet connection in your computer device or smartphone.

A proper resemblance of the gameplay mechanics were found in old Nokia phones which basically means that there were Java games in the first place.

Since all of these games do not take up a lot of storage from your device or a high speed internet connection, this game is now a hidden Google game that you can play from anywhere.

There are a lot of different hidden Google games that you would even find in the recommendations of this game.

The way to play this game is very simple. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  •  Make sure the device you are trying to carry out the operation on has an active internet connection.
  •  Search the term “Google snake” on Google itself in order to get a button that says play, which you would have to click then.

The answer to “What is Google Snake Mods?” is that there are different configurations that you can apply on the game in order to make it more comfortable and fun for yourself.

How do you add this mods to a game that is available on Google?

All of that is given below and you will also find the step by step guide which will help you understand the procedure better.

How to Google Snake Mods Download?

This is one of the best mods that is available for Google snake and definitely deserves the spot.

The main thing that you have to be aware of is the fact that the game does not have a lot of things that you can change in the first place.

Having said so, you can call a mod that allows you to change characters and maps as a complete mod because there are not many things you can do anyway.

In order to download these snake mods you would have to search for the mods on Google.

About this one specifically however, to make “How to Google Snake Mods Download?” easier, click on this Github link below


Google Snake Mod Menu – Use Github Mode

Google snake menu mod is one of the best ones but there are also other different things that you may need to do, for which there are different mods.

More interesting mods such as the mouse mod for Google snake is also available.

What happens with this mode is that after having it installed, you would not have to click the direction keys on your keyboard, instead all you need to do is move your mouse which will determine the path in which the snake moves in the game.

In case you are wondering if the snake will remain on the grids as it is originally supposed to, the answer to that is no.

You will have the same area of square around which you need to move your snake in any curve possible and collect apples.

The game not only becomes easier that way but also becomes much more fun.

This was just one of the examples since there is a dark mode mod, a mod for changing board size, a mod for animated colors and could also be as simple as a timekeeper Mod.

The main purpose of a timekeeper mod is that it will keep track of your best score and tell you the best time you have achieved it in.

With unlimited time, the game becomes easy but with a time limit or just with tracking the time, it becomes more interesting and slightly difficult.

Google Snake Mod Menu – Use Github Mode was discussed and you need to download the mods from Github.

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How to find Google Snake Mods Extension?

The answer to “how to find Google Snake Mods Extension” also is the same thing as how to use these mods on your Google Snake game.

What you need to do from your PC is to go to the Github page of whichever mod you want to download and then download it.

This will most likely be an HTML file that may be called “MoreMenu.html”.

Downloading this means you have got the menu mod and now can change more things in the game than normally.

Change, as in configure and have fun with the settings. Here is the Google Snake Mod Menu – Step by Step Guide 2023

  • Download the mod, as was already mentioned in the article.
  • Ctrl+Shift+O will open Bookmark Manager where clicking on 3 vertical dots will give you the option to import bookmarks.
  • Click on that and then select the “MoreMenu.html” file or whatever html file you have for a specific mod you want.
  • The mod will be available on your “Imported Bookmarks” section under the Bookmarks.
  • Search “Google Snake” on Google, click on “Play” and click on the settings button which would be a cogwheel, to be precise.
  • After clicking on the settings button, the settings page will open. Find 3 vertical dots on the right top corner of Chrome, after which you have to find “bookmarks” followed by “imported bookmarks”. At last, click on the imported bookmark which is the mod “MoreMenu.html”. Make sure that all of this action should be happening while you are on the settings page in the game.
  • The Mod will be added and you would be able to do configuration on your own such as changing maps or colors or even the size of the board. Remember that every time you are starting the game in a new way altogether, you would have to carry out the process. This basically means that if you do not click on the Mod after landing on your settings page, only the default settings will be available to you.

This was the detailed step by step guide on how to install the Mod in the hidden Google game.

I hope this was informative and you learnt a thing or two.


Is the MoreMenu file really important for modding Google Snake Game?

Yes, it is very important since this is what will allow you to open the menu and find more modifications which will be amazing to play with. Google Snake Mod Menu is accessed through the MoreMenu file.

Which is the best Google Snake Mod?

The mouse mod is a very interesting and new perspective to be playing the game with. However, the Google Snake Menu Mod has its own advantages as always.


This game is one of the most interesting hidden Google games that is available across platforms.

Playing the game is an experience of a lifetime and who can disregard the nostalgia you’d have playing it.

Adding mods definitely make the game even better and one should experiment with them to enjoy the game even more. Hope you like this article.

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