Best Meta Heroes ML S27 | Mobile Legends S27 Tier List 2023

Want to know about the top 15 Mobile Legend game heroes and its hero characters? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on top 15 heroes of MLBB Season 27.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the gameplay of all the MLBB Season 27 heroes and its skills.

I am a You Tuber since 2012 and a gamer, I have been playing the game Mobile Legends since its release. Therefore, I wanted to guide you regarding the list of top 15 heroes after the present update.

Top 15+ Best Heroes MLBB S27 To Push Rank Fast in Mobile Legends

  1. Balmond
  2. Clint
  3. Paquito
  4. Lesley
  5. Gusion
  6. Bruno
  7. Alice
  8. Valir
  9. Granger
  10. Jawhead
  11. Brody
  12. Sun
  13. Lapu Lapu
  14. Moskov
  15. Xavier

Mobile Legends Best Meta Hero for Season 27 To Push Rank Fast

Best Meta Heroes ML

This heroes are picked as per their abilities to defeat the enemy in Solo battles as well as to be a reliable pick in almost every matchup.

In this article we are giving out a brief details of every heroes’ ability and strengths. Don’t forget to check out our page so as to know more on a particular hero of MLBB Season 27.


Balmond can deal with high damage from the enemies and therefore can survive team battle.

Balmond can easily finish off the enemies with low HP as the ultimate ability of Balmond is that of missing HP of the enemy.

Balmond can get the Lord or Turtle as he has an upfront advantage of that of the Jungler.

The only disadvantage of Balmond is that if you choose him as your Tank build then he may be easily defeated by the combination of Karrie and Lunox.

However in Solo fights, you can use Balmond as tank as the combo of Karrie and Lunox are easy to find.


The passive skill of Clint helps to penetrate through a line of enemies as soon as she cast her skill. It can also cause damage to the Turret without being damaged by the Turret.

Since the first set skill of Clint is that of Passive which can used at a wide range, therefore Clint is safe against the Turret attack.

The disadvantage of Clint is that after using the second skill, Clint might lack escape skills.

Clint can be used as Flicker, Purify or Sprint. In solo fights you can definitely pick Clint as there is less chance of him to be get banned.


He is a hero with burst damage and is considered to be one of top heroes in Best Meta Heroes ML 2023 Season 27.

He has a combo skill of both dash and shield. He can hunt down the enemies by chasing them as he has a lot of skills in his armoury.

The cooldown period between the two skills is very less, therefore it can easily take down MM, Assassin and Mage. If you have chosen him, you should be aware of Khufra, Franco and Kaja.


New season has increased the power of Lesley as she inflicts more damage to the enemy Tanks. She can inflict critical gain damage from her passive attack skill.

Her passive skill is considered to be one of the most dangerous skill among all other heroes. The only disadvantage of Lesley is that her mobility is limited so Assassins can cause harm to her.


The upate has made Gusion’s passive skill stronger than before and he can easily escape after killing his enemies as he has lot of skills.

But the only disadvantage is that it has lot complexities and therefore Gusion is difficult to master. If you master it, you can give your opponent a tough time.


The main advantage is that it is easy to master the skill set of Bruno due to its attack range and positioning skill.

Bruno can be considered as one of the strongest character as it contains every skill high attack range, poking and positioning skill, CC and high critical chance.

After the update, Bruno has got a buff on his first skill and hitting the skill on its enemy will increase the speed of Bruno.

Therefore giving an upper hand while you are chasing or trying to escape your enemy. He is tough to play with in the early stages of the game as he is highly item-dependent hero.


She is also known a blood sucker queen Alice as she has good CC in Ganks and also can mark backline with ease.

As a Gank, she needs to fight face to face and therefore she heavily relies on her Ultimate’s damage and restoration.

Therefore she would not be able to fight hard as she will be in her cooldown period after using her ultimate ability.

But she can however clear the lanes very fast and can easily escape from dangerous situation. The most disadvantage of Alice is that you will face mana issues until you store or build mana Regan builds.


Valir is a mage which can also be played as a roamer. His passive creates a burning effect which can cause severe continuous damage to the opponent enemy.

He can beat lot of enemy heroes as he has lots of CC skill. The disadvantage of Valir is that he has low mobility and so you should combo him with Flicker or Sprint.


Even though he is not that powerful but he still is counted in top 15. He needs his items to cause damage to the enemy and therefore you can play him as a Jungler.

As a Jungler, he will be able to get that extra early bust. His mobility combo with first skill helps him to look over all the lanes.

The drawback of Granger is that his attack speed is very low. You should bring him in front of Lolita as she will absorb all the skills of Granger.


His effectiveness has been increased after the update and will be soon included in the ban list. He can cause high damage to the enemies.

He acquires an additional shield after the offset of his second skill for his escape.

However Jawhead can be countered by using Antique Currass. Therefore you should take advantage in the Early game itself.


Broady causes heavy damage to its enemy hero while at the start of the game as he can easily farm, destroy towers and kill enemy heroes.

Therefore he can go a rampage by killing enemy heroes. The drawback of Brody is that he can only target one enemy hero at a time.

You can miss out on Blink even though his second skill set is fine. Therefore you can use Flicker on him.


During solo fights, you would be able to take full advantage of Sun as you can push, secure objectives and can cause heavy damage on the enemies with the right build.

For solo ranking, he is a full package to go all out. But you should not bring him on with an opponent of Mages like Valir as he is pretty weak against them.

Lapu Lapu

Lapu Lapu has got a huge buff in his ultimate and also in his first skill. The first skill will zone out enemies and also poke them away.

You can use the ultimate ability which will help you to use the first skill twice if you have proper CD items. He is also immune to CC which therefore help him cause damage to the enemies very easily.

However you should have proper skill and plan before using him in ranks. But in classic mode you can use and practice the skill.

The only disadvantage is that while in the ultimate, you cannot escape or chase which will limit his potential. Therefore it is better to have Flicker with him.


He is basically a late game character and can become a monster which causes heavy damage to the opponent heroes if equipped with crit.

It will turn solo rank during the late game and you can therefore you can hit the enemy very hard.

However he is very fragile during the early game stage. Moreover you should step down from unnecessary Ganks.


His power can only be know who masters it. He is always seen sniping down enemies with the help of his ultimate.

But his second skills and cooldown are the most underrated feature as it does not get the attention that it should get.

However he is vulnerable against assassins and high mobility fighters. Therefore don’t forget to get behind a tank or a fighter so as to save him from getting killed.

Final Word

Best Meta Heroes ML
Best Meta Heroes ML

In this article we have given the detailed description on the Best Meta Heroes ML 2023 Season 27 and its powers.

For getting more information on the other characters of Mobile Legend game, you can also bookmark our article.

If you have any queries regarding the Best Meta Heroes ML 2023 Season 27, you may ask us by writing in the comment section of the article.


How to Download the Mobile Legends Game?

You can easily download the game directly from the official website of the game. If you have an android phone than you may directly download from the Play Store. You can also get the game in your iPhone from the Apple Store.

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