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If you have been looking for Free diamond ML 2023, you are at the right place. This article is going to give you all the information that you need to know in order to be able to get better with this game through free diamonds.

Diamonds are the premium currency of the smartphone game “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” which is one of the most popular games of the recent times.

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There are a lot of things you need to know about the game and mainly the basics of how things work as a beginner and all those information is given in the article below. 

I am a blogger and a YouTuber that has been working upon the gaming niche for a long time.

With the intention of only giving out information that must be known by you and are true, I like to check the games first-hand to give you a better detailed view of it.

One of the most important things that you need to know about the game is the fact that it is very competitive.

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You can download the game using the Google Play Store where it boasts over ‎32,300,000 votes with a unanimous rating of 3.8 which is good considering the number of votes it received which is huge.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Overview

The basic aim of success is to destroy the enemy base. This will require collaboration and planning.

To better grasp this, you need become acquainted with the map in MLBB.

In the game, there are three lanes. The gold lane (at the top), the EXP lane (at the bottom), and the mid lane.

The jungle lies between each lane. If you’re still unclear, these concepts will be defined later.

The lanes will be in a different location depending on which side of the map you start on (blue or red).

Locating the turtle on the map is a nice method to find out. If the turtle is on top, you’re on the red side, and the lanes have been rotated.

To win, you must destroy all nine turrets that stand in your path, three in each lane. Both you and your opponents will benefit from these defensive postures.

You can’t attack the opponent base without first taking out all of the opposing turrets in at least one lane.

That is how to win in the game and should be your main mission or priority, to say the least.

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That is one of the drawbacks of the APK files but there are definitely chances that your account may be banned.

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This tower game is definitely so interesting that there is absolutely no match.

Things to remember while playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Before you start destroying turrets, you need first learn about the lanes.

There are three lanes to choose from: gold, mid, and EXP. You cannot attack an opposing turret on your own.

These turrets fire at champions and cause massive damage.

You’ll need the assistance of your team’s minions to assault them without incurring damage.

Minions spawn at the bases of each team and proceed down each lane.

You must eliminate the opposing minions so that your minions may take the damage from the turret while you assault it.

If you demolish all three turrets in a lane, your base will begin to generate super minions, which are stronger and inflict more damage.

But be cautious while assaulting fortifications. You don’t want to be apprehended and slain by an opposing hero.

Before attacking on a turret, make sure the enemy hero in your lane is dead or in another region of the map (check the mini-map).

Remember that earning kills isn’t the game’s main purpose.

While it gives you experience and gold to help your hero grow, the ultimate goal is always to destroy the opponent base.

The jungle is defined as the area between the lanes. It is broken into four sections: two between your team’s lanes and two between the enemy’s lanes.

The jungle is home to a variety of creeps and creatures that provide buffs, experience, and money.

While there are numerous complexities to the jungle in MLBB, they may be loosely classified as follows.

Blue buffs are obtained by killing the serpent in the forest (also called the purple buff). This perk decreases the hero’s cooldown and the cost of mana and energy.

Killing the Fiend in the jungle will provide the hero a red buff (also called orange buff). This increases attack damage and slows down foes when struck.

The jungle’s other creeps will grant you gold and experience.

These will allow you to level up your hero and assist others in the lanes. As a result, killing them is also necessary.

At the two-minute point, the Turtle spawns on one side of the river.

It has a high health; therefore, you should take it down with your team. It grants money and EXP to the whole squad.

On the map, the turtle is the first objective that teams will fight over.

As a result, early team fights are likely to take place around it. The Lord is the most significant monster in MLBB.

It spawns on the river’s opposite bank from the Turtle. It joins the defeated team to storm down the lane and smash opponent turrets.

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Previously, Minion Lanes in Mobile Legends were not distinguishable from others. However, there are now two distinct pathways with varying resource advantages.

These are known as the Gold and EXP Lanes. The EXP Lane always runs parallel to the Turtle Lane, and Siege Minions in this lane provide 50% more EXP. Meanwhile, the Gold Lane is offering a 50% Gold boost.

Marksmen and a Tank/Support will usually head to the Gold Lane, while the EXP one is guarded by a solitary Fighter.

The Minions will be weak and simple to kill at the start of the game.

They become stronger as the game progresses, but these adversaries are still squishy.

They do, however, have an improved shape, as seen by their much bigger size.

Of course, in this form, they are both stronger and can withstand more blows before collapsing.

These Minions may quickly overwhelm troops with extended skill cool down times.

Players must destroy the opponent’s Base Turret to get these Super Minions (the Tower near the Base).

Furthermore, if the Lord is killed, the allied Minions will be boosted for one wave.

The MVP of the match is determined via a score system in Mobile Legends.

This system currently favours ADC troops that can kill a large number of foes.

Some people may get fascinated with overkill as a result of this. Unfortunately, MLBB is primarily a Tower game, thus players must remember to demolish the enemy’s Turret and push for the Base if they want to win.

Of all, it’s all too easy to become lost in the pursuit of foes.

However, doing so will have a negative impact on the team’s pushing growth in the long run.

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Coming back the turtle invasion, if players are handling a Lane in the first five minutes of the game, keep in mind that the shielded Turret will reward Gold if it is damaged.

Players will get one gold for every 10-damage dealt, with a maximum of 500 gold available.

So, if players are successful in forcing their opponent to withdraw, don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity to attack the Tower.

But remember not to be pushy. Heroes in the Turret’s AoE will take 15% less damage, so approach with care.

Mobile Legends contains Emblems that may be allocated to a hero before the combat begins.

There are nine different sorts of Emblems. Each of them may be levelled up to 60.

The most significant aspect of Emblem is that each Emblem may be customised to best match a hero and their play style.

Furthermore, each of them has unique abilities from which to pick. There are two unique skills for Physical and Magic Emblems, and three for the other seven.

Knowing which hero need which ability will aid gamers on their trek through the Land of Dawn. The emblem sets that are available in the article are:

  • Physical Emblem
  • Magical Emblem
  • Tank Emblem
  • Jungle Emblem
  • Assassin Emblem
  • Mage Emblem
  • Fighter Emblem
  • Marksman Emblem
  • Support Emblem

These are the 9 emblem sets that have sub-talents, for sure. Most Battle Spells will be locked for new players.

Vengeance, the final Battle Spell, may be unlocked at level 23. Flameshot and Flicker, two of the most popular Spells, are unlocked at levels 17 and 19, respectively.

Flicker is a technique for instantaneously teleporting a small distance. This is essential for both pursuing and running.

Meanwhile, Flameshot may snipe an enemy from afar and force opponents away from the hero if they get too nearby.

To level up rapidly, players can utilise an item that doubles the EXP they gain.

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During each match, participants can inspect each other’s equipment. For newcomers, this may appear daunting, but it is an essential habit to develop.

There are three forms of damage in Mobile Legends: Magic, Physical, and True Damage. Each of these has its own counter.

For example, if the majority of your foes are Magical heroes, Magic Defence will dramatically boost your chances of survival.

If an adversary utilises Magic Defence, a Mage can use Magic PEN to purchase equipment. This enables them to ignore the opponent’s defences.

Be very aware of Clock of Destiny which increases the maximum Mana a particular hero has.

It is very important. Lightning Truncheon is another magic item that deals damage which in turn does the same function as the previous one which is to increase maximum Mana of a hero.

MLBB does not have as much equipment as other MOBAs. Newcomers, on the other hand, should not underestimate them.

Some objects complement one other really well. When combined, Lightning Truncheon deals tremendous damage, allowing Mages to one-hit squishy heroes.

There are other different combinations that gamers can test.

Knowing what each piece of equipment accomplishes is one of the most important skills to have in order to excel in the game.

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Free Diamond ML Redeem Code

Redeeming codes in any smartphone game is going to give you a lot of new items and important currency which can then be used to purchase new items.

With the mobile legends, it is the same and to be able to get your hands on one of those redeem codes may prove very beneficial to you in the future.

Furthermore, if you have been looking to get free diamonds, you can use the generator or download an APK that comes with a lot of pre-loaded diamonds but choosing to test your luck was the redeem codes is also an option.

Although there are not many redeem codes that work for the game at any given point of time, yet one Free Diamond ML Redeem Code can give you a lot of diamonds and you can enjoy the gameplay later on after having the currency you needed, be it for whatever purpose.

You may choose to unlock skins or even upgrade Heroes with the reward that you get.

Before we get into the redeem codes that are working, you must know the complete procedure on how to redeem those codes in the game. The most convenient way to do so is given in the steps below:

1. Download the game from Google Play Store or App store in order to be able to open it. Once you have done so, you will get the option of tapping on your profile icon.

2. The profile icon is eventually going to give you your account ID. You must remember it or note it down somewhere because you would need to enter the ID on the mentioned website which is supposed to be the mobile legends code exchange page. If you are having trouble finding your account ID, you can easily look for a long sequence of numbers after you have visited your profile from the game’s main menu and it should be right there.

3. On visiting the website, you will find an option which will ask you for your game ID. You need to enter the account ID over there and tap on the send button which will be nearby.

4. You will receive a verification code inside your game’s mail, which when you type in to the verification code box in the website, you will get your hands on the redeem code that you need. Every single redeem code that is generated to this process is valid for 30 minutes only and you must make sure to use the code in the game in order to get rewards. Diamond rewards are not really promised but you can try it out and your rewards will be received in your game’s mailbox soon after.

Most of the redeem codes that you get for this game is not one-time use. In fact, you can redeem maximum of the codes, multiple times.

Some of them have a limit and some don’t which makes the whole process much more interesting.

For example, there could be a code that you can use for unlimited times and their maybe another which comes with a redeemable limit of 300 times.

Here are the working codes that will help you get in-game rewards:

  • tdau2xcp7nmb22k56 

The second code is only for the new players and they will be benefitted by it.

If you have been playing the game for a long time, you must have already understood the procedure of redeeming codes as well as what to expect from these.

A free diamond ML redeem code can prove really good for you. Although not directly linked to gameplay, new players should be aware of Microtransactions in Mobile Legends.

This business model is used in the game for different cosmetics like as emotes, recall effects, avatar borders, and skins.

Every hero in the game has many skins that players may get.

Most may be purchased in the store, while others need Gacha. For Collector skins, for example, the collected Microtransaction totals roughly 5000 diamonds.

Unless gamers are willing to spend $100 for skin, they should avoid this exploitative function. This is a process that will lead to no ban and is one of the safest ones to use.


Can I use diamond generators on Mobile Legends?

There are many websites that claim that they have free diamonds generator for 2023 and you can try entering your username, choose the number of diamonds and your region. The region is very important because for every region, there are different servers. No ban is not guaranteed with using a generator to get diamonds.

What is the safest way to get diamonds in MLBB?

The safest as well as the most convenient way to get rewards in MLBB is to go to the official website of Mobile Legends Code Exchange and follow the process in order to get what you want. Since this is the official way, very few people get banned for doing this procedure. It was mentioned in the article.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is not only very popular on the Google Play Store, it is also immensely popular on the App Store and has a rating of 4.5 with 425,000 reviews which goes to show how widespread this game is and how many people really enjoy playing these, that too diversely.

Without a doubt, this tower game is so competitive that it keeps you glued to it trying to win the games.

If you are new to the game, you would completely enjoy it and this is a must-try.

Hope you learned a thing or two from this article and hope you enjoy the game.

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