Mobile Legends Moskov Best Build & Guide 2023

Recently Moskov is gaining popularity among the gamers we therefore decided to give a full guide on the hero character Mobile Legends Moskov.

In this article, we will be explaining on the Basic Attribute, skill explanation, battle spells, emblem set, item build, skill combo and tips & tricks.

Mobile Legends Moskov Basic Attribute

HP Regen6.4
Physical ATK125
Physical Defence16
Attack Speed1.01
Attack Speed100%
Mana Regen15
Magic Power0
Magic Defence15
Movement SPD240

Mobile Legends Moskov Skills 2023

Mobile Legends Moskov

Passive Spear of Quiescence

Moskov’s basic attribute attack can penetrate the target and causes high physical damage to enemies behind them.

When the attack hits the target, it reduces the cooldown of Abyss Walker and Spear of Misery by 0.8 seconds.

The attack will penetrate and causes damage to the target behind in a straight line but however the attack has short range limit.

Each of his basic attack will reduce the cooldown of his skill 1 & skill 2 by 0.8 seconds.

Skill 1: Abyss Walker

By this attack, Mobile Legend Moskov teleports himself to the target location and increases his speed by 1.4 times for a time period of 3 seconds.

Meanwhile his basic attack causes 10% more damage to enemies behind the primary target. By this attack, Moskov dashes the enemy and increases its speed by 70% for a time period of 3 seconds.

This attack also causes 10% more damage to the enemies behind the primary target.

Skill 2: Spear of Misery

Moskov will launch a powerful strike at the target enemy hero or creep which causes 300 physical damage, knocking them back and exposing their position for a time period of 5 seconds.

During this time, if the enemy hero collides with another enemy hero when knocked back, they both will take 200 physical damage and be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

If the enemy is instead knocked into a wall, the enemy will be stunned for 1.5 seconds. Therefore this skill will cause physical damage and also at the same time will cause the target to move back.

This will also reveal the position of the target for 5 seconds. This skill works better on jungle monsters and not on minions.

Skill 3: Spear of Destruction

Mobile Legend Moskov throws out the spear of destruction in the target direction which causes 600 physical damage to the enemies and to the enemy hero who takes the hit directly.

When hit the enemy hero the spear explodes which thereby causes 780 physical damage to enemies behind them.

Enemies who takes the hit will slow down by 30-90% for a time period of 1.5 seconds. This skill has no range limit and you can use the map to target your enemies.

After using ult, you can hold the ultimate skill again to target it.

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Mobile Legends Moskov Battle Spell 2023

The most effective battle spell to be used for Mobile Legend Moskov is the Inspire which will help him gain extra speed which in turn will help him regain his skills CD faster. But you can also use Aegis


Mobile Legends Moskov Emblem Set 2023

We recommend you to use the Marksman Emblem on Moskov and use the talent points on life steal and critical damage.

You should use electro flash talent which will help with HP Regen and Repositioning.

Marksman Emblem

Mobile Legends Moskov Item Build 2023

Item Build for Mobile Legend Moskov are the following:

  • Swift Boots
  • Berserkers
  • Wind of Nature
  • Windtalker
  • Scarlet Phant
  • Hass’ Claws

Mobile Legends Moskov Skill Combo 2023

You should use the skill 1 basic attack whenever available to reposition and this is the only combo you would need to use most of the time.

You should skill 2 only when the enemy is in front of a wall or teammate or a jungle monster. You should be careful not to use the skill when the enemy is trying to run away from you.

Skill 3 should be used as a utility skill so as to finish low HP enemies or to steal jungle monsters. This skill can also be used to check bushes.

Mobile Legends Moskov Skill Upgrade Order 2023

  • Skill 1 – Upgrade first as this is the most commonly used skill
  • Skill 2 – You may upgrade this skill at the last
  • Skill 3 – Upgrade this skill whenever it is possible for you to upgrade.

Mobile Legends Moskov Tips & Tricks 2023

If you are playing with Mobile Legend Moskov you should always remember to go to the Gold Lane and don’t unlock any skills until you reach the gold lane.

Usually players like to hide in bushes, therefore you need to check the bushes before clearing the lane.

 If you find any enemy inside the bushes, you may unlock skill 2 and stun them. If you are lucky then you would be able to draw the first blood in the fight.

 In case you are stun by the enemy, unlock skill 2 otherwise unlock skill 1 and retreat. After you have unlocked skill 1 and skill 2, you should look for opportunities to stun your enemies when they are next to a wall or jungle monsters.

If you are able to land skill 2 properly on your enemies then you may use Moskov as a lead assassin in the game.

You should also pay close attention to the map which may help you to get some easy kills or even steal enemy jungle using your ult.

You should always remember to use the map while aiming the Ult as it highlight the enemy positions when you aim on them.

Moskov’s passive is deadly in team fights as you can target anything in front of you and also cause damage to the targets behind.

You should align yourself in a straight line to that of the enemy so as to maximize your passive’s potential. Moskov is one of turret pusher and therefore try to push turret whenever you are able to do so.

Final Words

This tricks would help you to use Moskov and make him your lead assassin. Mobile Legend Moskov if used to its full potential can be deadly for your opponents.

However this skills are hard to practice but if you follow the above tips and tricks that we have mentioned, then you would be easily able to survive and kill all your enemies so as to win the battle.

 If you have any doubts or questions regarding this you can leave it in our comment box and we assure you to clear the doubts.

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