Dream Face Reveal | When is Dreams Face Reveal Date?

Dream Face Reveal has been the talk of the town for so long!

A YouTuber named Dream is extremely popular and beloved among his fans for his Minecraft content.

However, it always seemed like a mirage for Dream to show its face. The entire internet has been going crazy ever since to see what he looks like. 

He loves to play around with his fans and shows a few glimpses of his hair here and there.

But in the true sense, nobody has seen anything more than the silly smiley face on his YouTube channel. 

However, it seems like the much-awaited mystery around Dream Face Reveal is about to be over. 

If you wish to know more about the Dream Face Reveal, read this post till the end and find out for yourself! 

Who is Dream? 

Dream is a Minecraft YouTube channel based in the United States.

He is a 23-year-old who started his YouTube channel in 2019. As of January 2023, the subscriber count on his channel is 31.3 million. 

Although his YouTube channel was started in 2014, his first YouTube video went up on his channel on 6th July 2019.

Ever since then, Dream Face Reveal has been such a mystery simply because fans never got to see him.

And rightly so, everyone has been waiting for the mystery to unfold. 

But somewhere around the end of 2022, there were speculations that the mystery is finally coming to an end. Let’s see how that went. 

Dream Face Reveal

During a fan meeting in San Diego, Dream made an announcement of the year!

He said that he is going to reveal his real face very soon and that has left all the fans full of yearning.

The entire Minecraft gaming community received shockwaves from the big announcement.

Being one of the top most relevant and beloved YouTube creators, it’s only fair for him to get so much attention! 

Dream’s personal life and relationships never made it to his channel.

He made sure to guard it all well enough. However, it seems like things are about to change after the San Diego incident. 

While several YouTubers start their channel with a mystery around their face, most of them eventually give in after a few weeks or months and kill the mystery before it begins.

However, Dream has managed to run his YouTube channel with no face reveal for more than three years! He has been successful enough in saving the mystery for the right time. 

So when is Dreams Face Reveal date? Let’s have a look! 

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When is Dreams Face Reveal date?

In September 2022, Dream uploaded a YouTube community post wherein he said that his new video is going to be the much-awaited Dream Face Reveal. He said that the mask is finally going to come off! 

He posted a similar announcement on Twitter as well. His tweet said that the mask was coming off and he can’t wait to see everyone. 

Owing to the announcement, everyone started expecting his face to reveal anytime soon in September or by October at max.

Everyone was very much keen and truly looking forward to the Dream face reveal. 

While most of his audience was eagerly waiting, a lot of people couldn’t believe it was finally happening.

They would only wait for the YouTube video to come out to finally trust in his word.

September passed but there was no face reveal. But then…..

On a fine afternoon of 2nd October 2022, Dream tweeted that he was about to reveal his face in the next couple of hours.

This enticed the fans even more and gave them a greater sense of satisfaction.

A large audience was now waiting for nothing but Dream Face Reveal. 

Dream has revealed its face! 

On 2nd October, Dream finally uploaded a video revealing his face.

After months and years of longing, people finally got to see their favourite Youtuber. 

His real name is Clay. After growing so much anticipation around his face reveal, Clay finally settled the mystery for once and for all.

After a plethora of fake news and fake articles, his real face was finally revealed on the most legitimate YouTube channel. 

If you want to see the popular Dream Face Reveal, Click on the video link below! 

The above-mentioned video is the one which ended the mystery of Dream Face Reveal. 

How did the Internet react? 

After the much-awaited mystery around Dream Face Reveal was resolved, a large number of people had a sigh of relief and satisfaction.

The YouTube video bagged 52 million views and 4.3 million likes.

Even within an hour, the video had already crossed more than a million views. 

#DreamFaceReveal on Twitter was trending at number 1 in the U.S. 

While most of his fans loved the fact that they finally got to see their beloved YouTuber, a lot of people only had to throw shade.

There were various negative comments about his appearance which was a bummer. 

Wrap Up 

Dream is an extremely popular and highly appreciated YouTuber who makes streaming content in Minecraft.

It’s been a long time since he has been accumulating a huge number of likes and views through his videos and gained applause from people around the world. 

However, for the longest time, nobody knew what he looked like. He wasn’t initially comfortable with streaming and always wore a mask.

This created a lot of tension and mystery around the Dream Face Reveal. 

The mystery however came to an end on a fine evening of October in 2022.

After years of suspense and disappointment, fans finally took a sigh of relief after watching their favourite YouTuber reveal his face. 

We hope that we solved the mystery for you. Make sure to tell us how you feel about the infamous Dream Face Reveal in the comment section down below! 

Dream Face Reveal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is Dreams Face Reveal date? 

The Minecraft YouTuber, Dream, finally revealed his face on 2nd October 2022. 

Where can I see the Dream Face Reveal? 

Dream Face Reveal happened nowhere but on his own YouTube channel. He uploaded a video on his channel introducing himself. You can click here to watch it. 

When did Dream start his YouTube Channel? 

Although his YouTube account was created back in 2014, Dream only started uploading gaming content on his YouTube channel in 2019. His channel focuses on Minecraft content and as of January 2023, 31.3 million people have subscribed to his channel. 

Where did Dream announce his face reveal? 

Dream put up a community post on his YouTube channel announcing that he will be revealing his face very soon. He also tweeted about the same on his official Twitter handle @dream. 

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