Best Tricks to Get Dude Theft Wars Cheats 2023 Unlimited Money

If you are among the ones that have been searching for Dude theft wars cheats, this article I for you.

A lot of people around a lot of places have been looking for hacks and cheats for the Dude Theft War games and this article is not only going to give you all the information about how to get the cheats and will also provide you with a beginner’s guide.

One of the most important things that you need to know about this game is the fact that the game is simple and easy to play even for people around of less ages. 

Having read this article, you would not feel the need to read another because this article contains all the information that you need to know.

Starting from how the basic gameplay mechanics works to how to get a boost in the game, everything is mentioned in the article below.

Without a doubt, this article is going to give you Dude theft wars cheats unlimited money code as well which would be working so stay tuned because the list is updated.

Despite the fact that this is a smartphone game, the game is really making its mark among the whole community.

Many say it resembles a very famous computer game even though the concept is different and the mechanics are limited.

Getting started with the game can be tough at times and that is the reason why the beginner’s guide is attached to this article about Dude theft wars cheats 2023.

I am a blogger and a YouTuber that had been working upon the gaming niche for a long time and this article can be trusted by you.

I like to research about the information I give out in an article and also have a habit of trying out the games first-hand so you know this article will not spew anything hazardous.

Dude Theft Wars: Beginners’ Guide

If you have played this game, you know that the characters are in a sandbox simulation, thus making the game not need more processing power to run.

In other words, the game can be played on the basic of smartphones as well as the file size is not too large either.

The application is available for iOS devices where the file size to be downloaded is barely 200MB.

For android, you can choose to download it from the Google Play Store or install a downloaded APK, both of which are very easy.

The physics used in these games are funny which basically means that they are exaggerated; since that’s the only time physics can really look funny.

Even funnier is the fact that all the people that missed out on the GTA SA aura can actually relive it through the games.

Why I say so is the fact that the cheat codes used in the game are really fascinating.

Most of the smartphone games use promo codes or so for giving the user rewards but the point of Dude theft wars cheats list is to make the game even more enjoyable altogether.

As an example, the game has a lot of things you can do in the open world which may require money as well.

In that case, Dude theft wars cheats unlimited money code would really be helpful.

There are some codes that work all the time, most presumably and there are some that are new and keep rolling which are the Dude theft wars cheats 2023; basically, the ones that are working currently.

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Apart from Dude theft wars cheats unlimited money code, there are Dude theft wars cheats spider man codes as well.

Hence, there is a total Dude theft wars cheats list before which one very important information is to be conveyed which is the fact that if the codes do not work with the first letter being capital, use all letters in small in order for it to work:

  • Suppahotslap – This cheat code will get you a very special slap weapon.
  • Day- Use it to make the environment turn into a day which is so fun to be doing manually.
  • Evening- Another one of the those where you are supposed to have a particular time of the day in the game and you can switch between them. This can be used in order to turn the environment into evening
  • Night- The same thing, just used for turning it into a night.
  • Heytaxi- This is a very important code that you need to know because if you are secluded in an empty place, this will help you get out of it. In other words, if you want to call the cabs near to you, you would be able to go where you need to go. Use this cheat code for calling a taxi easily from anywhere. It’s fascinating how this cheat code is a resemblance to the actual world through applications for calling a cab. How could you make a normal-world simulation game and not include a cheat code for calling an Uber? A normal person’s life like in the simulation of the game required this
  • Moongravity- You’ve been looking for Dude theft wars cheats fly, then this is the code for you. Using this code will eliminate gravity for you in the game and you would be able to fly using one of the Dude theft wars cheats fly codes, like you would without gravity on Earth. It’s one of the most popular codes and really fun to use.\
  • Helicop01- This as an expired code for one of the Dude Theft wars Cheats helicopter. This sandbox simulator also has a helicopter that spawns from time to time; from place to place. The helicopter does not look as good as they are in the recent GTA games but to have a common world simulation and not helicopters would be injustice. Dude theft wars cheats helicopter which work are yet to be discovered. 
  • Cashcash99999999- Gives you an opportunity to change the figure of the money you currently possess in the game. Dude theft wars cheats 2023 unlimited money can be achieved through this. Dude theft wars cheats 2023 unlimited money codes include only this for the time being.
  • Tinydudes– Make yourself smaller than other people
  • Giantdudes- Make yourself bigger than the other characters in the game which is an interesting concept, without a doubt. 
  • Nosforever- Nos representing the use of nitrous in racing games across all platforms is used here in the code too. This is supposed to increase the speed of your car

As already mentioned, try to use small letters for the codes while entering and you would need to enter codes by the process which will be mentioned below, before which Dude theft wars cheats money 2023 is to be discussed.

To have unlimited money requires you to enter one of the Dude theft wars cheats money 2023.

For that, it is very important for you to know the way to use any cheat code in the game. Here are the properly listed steps to use cheats in the game:

  • After having downloaded the game, just open the game to find a phone icon on the left side of your screen. Bring that up by clicking on it.
  • After the phone is on your screen, you have to find an action that says “cheats.exe”
  • Copy-paste the code or write it down as they were already mentioned. The screen where you have to enter the cheat code will say “type secret cheat here”. Following the process this way makes it a little more rememberable. 
  • Click on “Ok” in order to put the code in use, whatever it’s purpose is. 

Hope you followed the steps properly and when executing one of those Dude theft wars cheats spider man or Dude theft wars cheats iron man, you would be able to feel like it from the time you click on Ok after entering the flying cheat.

For more Dude theft wars cheats spider man or even Dude theft wars cheats iron man, you must be a part of the community.

This will help you learn more about the game and cheats. The best way to stay updated with the game’s changes is this website.


Which country has made the game “Dude Theft Wars”?

This is a sandbox simulation game that is made in India. The game’s graphics do not have any resemblance to India, in fact, it is set in a fictional world.

How to download old version of Dude Theft Wars?

If you are an Android user, you can easily download previous versions of this application/game from this website name Uptodown.


The funny physics of the game, which is the selling factor in the first place, id very funny on its own and enjoyable but using codes make everything even funnier. The best reason why this action game is so popular is the fact that it is an open game where anything goes. You can do anything and the limits only exceed themselves when codes are used. Overall, this is one of the most likeable games in Google Play and App Store with a lot of positive reviews. Do check out the game and hope you learnt a thing or two from this article. 

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