Mobile Legends Lesley Guide 2023 | Lesley Best Build 2023

Want to know about the Mobile Legend game and its hero character Lesley? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on Best Build of Lesley and its skills.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the gameplay of Lesley and its skills.

I am a You Tuber since 2012 and a gamer, I have been playing the game Mobile Legends since its release. Therefore, I wanted to guide you regarding the skill set and gameplay of the heroic character Lesley.

Mobile Legends Lesley Skills & How to Use? 

HP Regen6.4
Physical ATK125
Physical Defence20
Attack Speed1.06
Attack Speed100%
Magic Defence15
Mana Regen0
Magic Power0
Movement SPD260

Lethal Shot

This is the passive skill of Lesley and she restores 5 energy every time whenever she hits the enemy with this basic attack.

The advantage of this skill is that if she does not get any damage for 5 seconds then her next basic attack will have more attack range with 50% crit chance and also causes 1.2 times more damage to the enemy hero.

This enhanced basic attack can restore double the amount of energy. Moreover if hit a minion, it can cause 20% extra damage.

However the cooldown period of this skill is reset every time she casts this skill. The physical penetration that the Lesley acquires will be converted into 1% Crit Chance.

Master of Camouflage

By this skill she can gain two times energy restoration, more movement speed and also increases the physical attack for a time period of 3 seconds.

If it causes or suffers damage, this state will end. However enemies can detect the camouflage by the help of distortions of their surroundings.

Tactical Grenade

Using this attack Lesley will throw a tactical grenade towards the enemy and will explode in a fan-shaped area in front of her and this will cause physical damage to the opponent hero.

This will knock them and will be airborne for a time period of 1 seconds. This will also cause Lesley to jump back.

However casting this skill will instantly cancel her ultimate snipe and also releases a fatal bullet. If the fatal bullet is not finished firing then extra attack will only be launched.

Ultimate Snipe

This will lock the designated enemy hero and thereby gaining vision of the nearby enemies and fires four lethal bullets consecutively.

Each bullets will cause physical damage and also restores 10 energy when hit. However this bullet can be blocked by other heroes.

If Lesley can end this skill early then cooldown part of the skill will be refunded.

Mobile Legends Lesley Best Battle Spell

We suggest you to use the Flicker spell but you can use the Purify and Sprint spell as well.


The spell should use as per the composition of the opposition’s team.

Mobile Legends Lesley Best Emblem Set 2023

Assassin Emblem is the best emblem set that could be used for Lesley. You can also use the MM emblem so as take the most out of it.

Assassin Emblem

Mobile Legends Lesley Best Build 2023

We recommend you to use the following item builds as they consists of HP attribute and therefore helps with damage output.

  • Swift Boots
  • Windtalker
  • Endless Battle
  • Berseker’s Fury
  • Blade of Despair
  • Raptor Machete

Mobile Legends Lesley Alternate Build 2023

  • Scarlet Phantom
  • Endless Battle
  • Malefic Roar
  • Warrior Boots
  • Blade of Despair
  • Berseker’s Fury

Mobile Legends Lesley Pros and Cons

Lesley can deal with high damage in the mid late gameLesley is vulnerable to ambushes
Her ultimate is so powerful that she can finish the game with the ult skillLesley is vulnerable bursts and CC
Lesley is slippery and therefore hard to targetShe is heavily reliant on items
Lesley can wipe out enemies with few shotsLesley’s Ult is powerful but can be interrupted by Stunned, Knockback,Supression or Freeze effect

Mobile Legends Lesley Guide 2023 & Gameplay Tips

Mobile Legends Lesley
Mobile Legends Lesley

You should upgrade the skill 1 and then upgrade skill 2 and finally upgrade the Ult skills whenever it becomes available.

Here are some of the tips for the gameplay so that you can defeat your enemy during the fight;

  • Lesley should hit the creeps with the activate passive
  • The gold ratio will be increased by the last hit
  • Energy should be at first filled by the basic attacks
  • You should always keep an eye on the mini map as if the mid lane is empty then you should avoid aggressively
  • You should not loss bot outer turret
  • When passive is available, you must use the basic attack first and then use the skill 1 attack followed by basic attack and again used the skill 2
  • You should not let enemies to come close to the Lesley and use the passive skill so as to get the wider view.
  • You should use the flicker wisely and bravely. You should use the skill 1 in the mid phase ganking as it is a great escape tool.
  • The enemy will try to destroy you first but you should continue farming and use ultimate to avoid being ganked.

Final Words

In this article we have given all the details of the Mobile Legends Lesley and also on the skills of the hero.

We have also informed you how to cast the skills and the best combo you can use so as to fight the opponent hero and win the game.

If you want to get more information on the other characters of Mobile Legend game, you should bookmark our article as we publish article on every heroes.

If you have any queries regarding the Mobile Legends Lesley, you may ask us by writing in the comment section of the article.


How to Download the Mobile Legends Game?

The game can be downloaded from the official website of the developers or if you have an android smart phone, you can directly download the game from the Play Store. You can also download the game on you IPhone through the Apple Store.

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