Secret Tricks Get Free 5000 Diamonds Mobile Legends No Ban 2023

If you have been searching for ways to gather Free 5000 diamonds mobile legends, this article is for you because the main purpose of this article is to give you all the information one needs to know about MLBB Diamond Hack.

Along with that, the whole article is also supposed to give you more information as to how to play the game and also how to better it.

As you must have heard or are aware of, Mobile Legends is one of the most interesting games in the market.

With that level of integrity and claims of good times, the game has to be vast and that is what makes the tips & tricks to play the game so beneficial for anybody.

In fact, if you’d like to play the game in a very good way.

Starting from the information about Free 5000 diamonds mobile legends app to all the other things you need to know about the game, this article covers it all.

As already mentioned, this article covers all the basic information you need to know about the game.

Sometimes, the plethora of content reaches the other side as well where the advanced section of how to master the game is what is given in the article too.

In other words, if you are new to the game, this article is beneficial for you and after having read this, you would not find the need to read another.

The whole way how the game works as well as tricks to get Free 5000 diamonds mobile legends 2023.

I am a blogger and a YouTuber who has been working upon the gaming niche for a long time and that is the reason that the article presented to you is one of the best ones that you’ll find about Mobile Legends and the free content that the game has to offer.

There are some tricks that can be specifically done by you to receive free rewards and the main thing that you need to know is how to get the process done.

Many people are still confused about “Can you get free diamonds in mobile legends?” and the simple answer to it is yes.

More about that is given in the article below and you can trust this whole piece since I tried out the processes myself before mentioning it on the internet which I am doing currently, with the help of this article.

Information about Free 5000 diamonds mobile legends legit is obviously mentioned too and the process is a no-ban process which is an amazing thing as well.

MLBB Diamonds Hack – All You Need to Know

Now, as you can expect, there must be a lot of different ways that you can indeed retrieve Free 5000 diamonds mobile legends 2023.

One very particular way to mention it could be the fact that one has to use this Free 5000 diamond mobile legends hack in order to get it.

For example, one of the most used ways to hack and get free 5000 diamonds is how a person really can just download a mod APK, turn the settings of their Android device to allow third party applications to be installed and they’d get even unlimited diamonds in the game, that way.

This can also be termed Free 5000 diamond mobile legends app because it is that particular APK file that you would have to install in order to make the best out of the trick.

There’s no guarantee of your account remaining the way it is, once you do this, however. If you log in to the game using your main account, there are chances that your account is in jeopardy.

Free 5000 diamond mobile legends no human verification is something that comes handy when you follow this particular process (the one mentioned in the example).

There are definitely other ways to gather these without using Free 5000 diamond mobile legends hack such as the ones that would be mentioned below that would not have as many risks as in this one.

In fact, most of the ones that ask your username for a hack to work or a cheat sheet to work are basically lying to you and are not going to prove to be any beneficial to you. 

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Free 5000 Diamonds Mobile Legends Legit Way

In a world where e-sports has become so popular and so many people are super-competitive, why would anyone not want to have an upper-hand?

Now, there are good ways to get that advantage and then there are ways that could get you or your account in trouble which is the last thing you may have wanted.

In this case, most of the players who are new to the game but want to do in-app purchases for their gameplay to boost to a certain extent are not wrong to think it that way.

When you get a way to retrieve Free 5000 diamond mobile legends no human verification, why wouldn’t you go for it right? That is the reason why the legit way to do so is given here. 

Mobile Legends Diamonds free-5000 how to get in a legit way is very simple and the step-by-step procedure is given below:

  • After having downloaded and installed the game in the first place, you would see very precisely the “+” button. Make sure you click the plus button 50 times without selecting any other option that may show up after hitting the “+” button.
  • Secondly, go to the custom mode of the game from the main menu and that will allow you to enter the practice mode which you are supposed to do. Pick the hero you want to practice with
  • Play the practice mode for 1:30 mins in however style you want and on exactly 1:30, quit the game after going to the settings.
  • After 10 seconds, you can click on the recharge button on the main menu which you would be having open on your screen. Click on the 1500 diamonds option for 10 times in a row. You would of course have to click on the back button every time you click on the 1500 diamonds button because you wouldn’t want to pay for it.
  • When you repeat the process for a few many times, your game will be rewarded with more than 5000 diamonds which is a great thing. No scripts, only a simple Bypass process.

This was exactly the answer to Mobile Legends Diamonds free-5000 how to get and it is amazing and easy; beneficial was a must since the very beginning anyway.

There’s this beginner guide that you very well have to know because only getting the diamonds will not boost your gameplay entirely, hence these are mentioned.

Hopefully, you can also find the answer to “How can I get free diamonds in MLBB?” through the beginners’ guide that is mentioned below in a pretty thorough manner.

In case you want to join the wiki fandom page of this amazing and oh-so-popular game, you can click here.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beginners’ Guide- All You Need to Know

At its foundation, the game puts two teams of five players against one another in battles that last for at least ten seconds.

Players engage in combat over three lanes in this classic battle arena game in an effort to capture the opposition’s tower while defending their own.

Like in other MOBAs, the factors that determine victors and losers are skill, ability, and strategy.

There is no hero training to level up or pay to play aspect. The game’s first release in 2016 under the moniker Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA was criticised due to its resemblance to another MOBA game, League of Legends.

Riot Games sued Moonton for copyright infringement in July 2017, however the Central District Court of California in the United States rejected the case due to forum non convenient.

Since then, Moonton has made several enhancements and patch updates for the game. 

A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for smartphones is called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The only in-game transactiwithwons allowed in this free-to-play game are for characters and skins. A Hero is a chosen character that each player may control.

Heroes have special skills and characteristics. The six roles of Tank, Marksman, Assassin, Fighter, Mage, and Support describe the primary function of heroes.

The obligations of players for their individual teams are determined by these duties.

Heroes can also have custom builds that players can set up, complete with in-game equipment and insignia.

The key to winning is taking out the opposition’s base. To do this, you will need to work together and use strategy.

You must become acquainted with MLBB’s map to comprehend this more clearly. The game consists of three lanes. the middle lane, the EXP lane, and the gold lane.

The jungle extends between each lane. I will clarify these concepts a little later if you are still unclear.

The lanes are located differently depending on which side of the map (blue or red) you begin on. Finding the turtle on a map is a fantastic approach to learn this.

You are on the blue side if the turtle is at the bottom. The lanes are rotated, and you are on the red side if the turtle is at the top.

You must eliminate a total of nine turrets that are in your path, three in each lane, to win. Both you and your opponents can use these as crucial defensive positions.

Without eliminating every opponent turret in at least one lane, you cannot attack the enemy base directly.

It is crucial to comprehend the lanes before you get into a game to eliminate turrets. Gold, mid, and EXP are the three lanes.

An enemy turret cannot be attacked by one person alone. These turrets have a high damage output and shoot at champions.

You need the assistance of the minions on your squad to assault them without incurring damage.

At the bases of the teams, minions emerge and go along each lane. To let your minions to absorb damage from the turret while you assault it, you must defeat the opposing minions.

Your base will begin to create super minions, which are considerably stronger and do more damage, if you eliminate all three turrets in a lane. But be cautious when you assault turrets.

Avoid being discovered and slain by an opposing hero. Before attacking a turret, ensure sure the opponent hero in your lane is either dead or has moved to another part of the map (check the mini-map).

Keep in mind that winning the game is not the main objective.

Although it gives you wealth and experience to strengthen your hero, the main objective is always to take out the opponent base. 

The area between the lanes is known as the jungle. It consists of four sections: two between your team’s lanes and two between the other team’s lanes.

Numerous creeps and creatures in the jungle give gold, experience, and buffs. While the MLBB jungle has numerous complexities, they may be loosely categorised into the following:

Buffs in the blue colour: The blue buff is obtained by eliminating the jungle snake (also called the purple buff).

The hero’s cooldown is shortened, and the cost of mana and energy is decreased thanks to this enhancement. 

Red Buffs: Killing the Fiend in the jungle will provide the protagonist a red boost (also called orange buff). When foes are assaulted, this will slow them down and deliver extra attack damage.

Other creeps: The other jungle creeps will reward you with money and experience. You may scale up your hero and assist in the lanes using them. Therefore, killing them is equally crucial.

Turtle: On one side of the river, the turtle spawns at the two-minute mark. It is preferable to take it out as a team because of its high health. The entire squad receives money and EXP from it. The turtle is the initial piece of the map real estate that teams will battle over. Early teamfights are therefore likely to take place around it.

Lord: The Lord is the most significant monster in MLBB. On the opposite bank of the river from the Turtle, it spawns. In order to charge down the lane and take off the opponent turrets, it joins the team that defeats it.

You must eliminate the Enemy Base Inhibitor to win a Mobile Legends match. You must take out the turrets in each lane before you can start doing damage to it.

Turrets prioritise attacking minions over doing significant damage to foes that approach too closely, so you may damage them safely as long as you have a wave of minions nearby to take the brunt of the blow.

Of course, in addition to destroying opposing structures, you also need to protect your own.

Your ability to apply pressure in various areas of the map and rotate to other lanes will depend on the Mobile Legends hero and class you choose.

You may also help your team defend by picking the perfect moments to take objectives, such when your team has a kill and is in a better position.

You may play eight Mobile Legends heroes in unranked mode each week since they are cycled into the free hero pool each week.

You can utilise the Starlight Free Heroes in ranked mode if you have access to them as a Starlight Member. Battle Points (obtained through winning games and daily unlocks), Hero Fragments, Tickets, or Diamonds can be used to acquire Mobile Legends characters.

Each game begins with a pre-game lobby where battle spells are readied for usage. Each match’s draught will choose the combat spell you use.

Initially, you won’t have access to all of the fight spells, but as your account levels up, you’ll gradually get access to them.

Execute and Retribution are taught at level 1, Inspire at level 5, Sprint at level 7, Revitalize at level 9, Aegis at level 11, Petrify at level 15, Flameshot at level 17, Flicker at level 19, Arrival at level 21, and Vengeance at level 23.

In Mobile Legends, there are eight different rank categories: Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and Mythic.

There are several divisions within each rank, and each requires a different quantity of stars to advance.

With the exception of when a member of your team is AFK, in which case your star is safeguarded, you receive a star for each win and lose one for each defeat, but only the first time each day.

A Jungler, who spends their time killing neutral creatures in the jungle to get buffs, should be a part of every Mobile Legends squad.

Retribution is a combat spell that may be used to do significant damage to a nearby jungle monster while also reducing the damage that monster can give to you if you choose to walk into the jungle.

Additionally, you must make sure you purchase Jungling merchandise.

You may discover typical jungle monsters in the jungle, which will provide you health, mana, and money.

Additionally, there are blue and red creatures that give you bonuses based on your class, a turtle that rewards your team with experience and money when defeated, a lord that, when killed, charges down a lane toward the opposing base.

The Assassin class is focused on eliminating weak adversaries, as its name suggests.

They are difficult to play since they are frequently delicate and need deft use of skills to pursue their target.

For your side to win, their powerful burst damage must be directed to the appropriate opponents. Characters in the melee range known as fighters have a versatile, well-balanced skill set to give a team.

Although not as tough as a Tank, their damage accumulates over time, and they are rather sturdy, so they may be modified to meet your team’s tactical demands. 

On the other hand, Mages are powerful spellcasters who use their abilities to dish out bursts of magic damage while also providing crowd control.

They tend to be particularly squishy, and they are high-priority targets.

Marksman heroes, often known as attack damage carriers, are ranged fighters with heavy damage in Mobile Legends.

They are quite good at pushing towers, and as the game progresses, they get stronger.

As a marksman, it’s critical to pay attention to your placement and look out for tougher opponents in the early going because you might not have the tools necessary to flee or counterattack yet.

As the heroes are discussed, it is also very important to discuss the modes that you can play in this game.

The gameplay is the same in traditional mode. However, a player’s rating is unaffected by whether they win or lose a match.

In addition, players can construct a whole team regardless of rank disparities and freely select any heroes in addition to the weekly free heroes and any trial cards they may have.

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, an extra game mode called Arcade is occasionally accessible at celebratory occasions like holidays or special events.

The mode includes a number of strategy-based side games. In situations like this, getting hold over free diamonds become so beneficial.

Before a combat, heroes might be given emblems. There are nine different sorts of emblems, including Assassin, Magic, and Support, and each one gives the hero it is attached to the appropriate bonuses.

To better match the hero they are being used on, these insignia can be altered.

Many players hesitate to spend money on Emblem improvements, which might lose them battles since even with a strong team and hero, they won’t be able to maximise their in-game potential.

Even though Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a lower selection of gear than the majority of MOBAs, combinations of most items may produce significant in-game bonuses.

For instance, it is possible to raise player Mana and then gain additional advantage by increasing damage rating by it as well by pairing the Clock of Destiny (increases maximum Mana) with a Lightning Truncheon (increases DMG as per player’s maximum Mana).

Players may create their own combinations that fit their playstyle by taking a closer look at what each piece of equipment performs.

The term “meta” in gaming refers to a certain tactic that has been demonstrated to be more effective in the game’s present condition.

The heroes in Mobile Legends are updated often. While some people gain strength, others lose it.

These modifications make certain heroes more powerful in their roles than others.

One of Mobile Legends’ most underused features is the camera.

The in-game camera provides details about what is going on around your hero.

Raising awareness while preparing for fight is made easier by learning how to use the camera appropriately.

Knowing where adversaries are and how team battles are progressing is a benefit of changing the camera.

With more knowledge, it is simpler to make gaming decisions without putting your life in danger by entering hazardous places.

The hero is automatically locked onto in Mobile Legends as they move.

The camera may be moved to focus on locations far from the protagonist by tapping and swiping the screen. 

Saving Battle Points (BP) is essential in Mobile Legends to unlock characters. Heroes cost money.

A few initial heroes, like Miya and Layla, are offered to you. The remainder, though, must be unlocked with BP or cash.

Saving BP is advised since it takes a lot of BP to play a certain hero. In Mobile Legends, 82 heroes are available.

Each hero costs between 6,200 and 32,000 BP. Use the free heroes provided by Mobile Legends to prevent BP waste.

Eight random heroes will be given for free each week. Utilize these heroes to try out various roles and choose which one best suit you.

Then you can attempt to save your BP on a certain hero playing that role.

Your time and effort are wasted if you spend BP on heroes you won’t use. The greatest way to improve in Mobile Legends is to master these concepts.

You can change the default visuals, language, controls, and other gameplay options under Settings if you don’t like how they’re set up.

Just below the mail symbol in the upper right corner of your screen is where you may access the Setting.

You’ll notice three additional options when you tap Setting: Basics, Controls, and Interface.

You can adjust the following under Basics: Settings for the graphics, sound, chat, and network.

You have the option to adjust the following under Controls: Aiming, Targeting, Advanced Controls, Skill Level-Up, Build Purchase, Movement Wheel, and Camera Movement Setup.

The following can be customised under Interface: Sharing and the Order of Heroes. Language, Region and Quit Game options are also available too, just in case that wasn’t obvious enough. 

One of the best features of Mobile Legends is the awards system.

My personal favourite is the free chest since with it, all you must do is wait to get your prize. Every four hours, free chests are given out, and a maximum of two can be stacked for unlocking.

Imagine getting a little something despite not playing for a day.

Other awards are available through the event, daily quests, and medal chest. There are so many awards in the game that you will be shocked when you get one for which you did not even try very hard.

When you follow someone and they follow you back, you have made an in-game buddy who you may work with and occasionally speak with.

Notice the little icons underneath the list of your friends on the right side of your screen, which is where your friend list is located.

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Three icons are present: Social – This is where you can view all your current friends and followers, Add Friends – You may search for players by name or ID to add to your buddy list. You can also search for groups to join or start your own.

Engage in conversation with other players during the game. When you press the “All” symbol in the lower left corner of your screen, the Public Chat will appear.

You can chat with gamers who aren’t on your friends list by hanging around in the Public Chat. To read or follow someone’s profile, touch on their profile symbol.

This was basically all the things that you needed to know about the game and hopefully, this was very helpful to you.

Questions like “How can I get free diamonds in MLBB?” is given below and reading these may help you a lot.


Can you get free diamonds in mobile legends?

Yes, you can get free diamonds in MLBB by either following the legit way which is to Bypass using the mentioned methods or a much comfortable way by using a script or a hack.

How can I get free diamonds in MLBB?

You can get free diamonds by following the precise method or by downloading a Mod file of the game and installing it on your smartphone. In other words, it is of course better to follow the legal way as that would not cause any potential harm to your account.


One of the most famous mobile games of all time is Mobile Legends: bang bang and the main reasons behind it are the stunning graphics and the vast gameplay that has the larger part of the popularity.

In fact, the whole franchise is something that you just cannot miss out on if you are a smartphone game enthusiast.

Playing games for pas-time or playing them for the sense of competition, leads to only getting better at the game but MLBB is one such game that requires you to strategize your moves too.

It can be played online by downloading it on your Android smartphone or iOS smartphone. If you are wondering if this can be played on your desktop or not, the answer is yes and the process should be carried out using an Android emulator on your Mac Desktop or Windows desktop.

Overall, the final verdict of the game is that it’s so versatile that it’s extremely enjoyable and it’d call you back once you stop playing it.

Only a few of the games have this charm. Hope you enjoyed reading the article and you learnt a thing or two from it.

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